Each pudding is hand made by us, the Maul family. It’s a true family affair with everyone involved in making sure the final product reaches ‘its final destination’ in first class condition.


Our story of family pudding making has even been featured on ABC’s Television’s programme, “The Spirit of Christmas”. Plus features in Sumptutious, Australian Gourmet Traveller, Maddison and SALife.

Made from premium quality ingredients, predominantly sourced from the Barossa and regional South Australia, these Christmas puddings are boiled and cured so as to remain rich, firm and succulent. Unlike other cheaper recipes, ours is suet based and contains no nuts. Cheaper puddings, particularly commercially made puddings use everything from vegetable oil as their binding agent and nut offal. These cheap fillers mask the beautiful fruity flavour of a traditional pudding.

Whilst we sell most of our Christmas puddings within the Barossa, we ship throughout Australia and in previous years, have shipped overseas including a large order to France. Magnifique!

The long and tedious process to create these wonderful puddings starts with the mixing of many different Barossan and South Australian ingredients. Laucke’s flour, four crown, organic Riverland dried vine fruits, Barossa brandy, and Coopers extra stout are just some of the premium ingredients that go into these wonderful puddings. More importantly, its the things that we don’t put in our puddings that makes them so special. You won’t find any nuts or any peel. These are just some of the cheap fillers that you will find in commercially produced puddings of an inferior quality.